In Service of Truth

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SHE WHO HEALS is the Clan Mother of the Eighth Moon cycle in August and is the  Guardian oF serving the Truth.

This Clan Mother Serves the Children of the Earth by Being the Keeper of Healing Arts, Mother of all Rites of Passage, Guardian of the mysteries of Life and Death…Singer of the Death Song.

She is the Midwife, herbalist, Medicine Woman, spirit healer and teacher of the cycles of the Earth walk. Her color is blue, representing intuition, truth, water  and feelings. She is the Servant of Humankind…

She teaches us..

How to serve others with a Happy heart,using our healing abilities to serve

How to Overstand and Honor the life cycles of birth, death and rebirth

How to believe in the miracles of life through our connections to our Spiritual essences

Fullintegration with the Plant Kingdom and all our relations…

When an individual Earth Walk is complete, She Who Heals sings the Death song for those dropping their physical robes, earthly burdens and unfullfilled dreams…Compelled by a spiritual force that we  should not  resist,we free up the Space…where the dark shadows were hanging out…throw open the windows of Summer and let the Heat burn it out. Truly this has been the passage from whence last we wrote.

The wild adventures of Dr. Eric and Aunties Sangoma…the true blood and hugs from the heart among the Earth tribe…from ancient Native prophesy to the dreams of daughter of the Wabanaki peoples and the plight of families separated this generation….so that the Healing of Turtle Island would begin again at the Eastern gate.

Sisters from Seattle sang to and for the whales…the Mandela Alliance from South Africa…The Mauri Tribe from New Zealand…An Arbor made of cedar with four gates and the Sacred Fire in the middle..!Extra Ordinary! Well the Yoruba say there is no good without bad, Mark’s blue jeeptook its last breathe on the ramp of the ATL Airport…?

Our Mission should we decide to accept it…was to manifest another car in which to take our grands on the rest of their summerfun and Beach day…The ancestors watching over and providing for the Kulubali descendents down here saw to it…and so it was that we

were present in the Valley of the Dragons, Cosby , Tenn…with new friends, Bonfires…Drumming…and galactic portals that lead to other galactic dimensions…Aidigun and Tacorey had whole days and nights of mountain  woodland adventures…For all the urban death they endure ,…we were pleased and satisfied as they jumped the waves in the Edisto Beach ocean…that Grammy’s offering to the power of ancestors is being fulfilled. “Live each day as if its your last” Grandma Mi Mi would always say…We spent time around a couple of puzzle tables in North Hampton, Mass with some of our AOM Elder Mothers…a beautiful gateway of transition between Maine and Georgia…

The gardens are happy we are home…!!! She who Heals is fully immersed in a Medicine Woman’s work…supported by amazing Starseeds…In Earth and Heaven…conspiraring in every moment for our greatest good and destiny…

Taking care as the Book of Revelations continues to turn the pages to from and Dark…and ecliptical!!!Wow. fasten your seatbelts, prepare to lift and Launch!


April, May…June

On the waking path…the Gardener fertilizes the ground with seeds of compassion, truth and wellness. You Live a purposeful life seeing the lessons as compost for your future growth.

On the sleeping path, your work can stimulate the need to tend your own garden….

Truly inspired and empowered by the Black Angel Oracle by Zenju Earthlyn Manuel!!! This conversation is largely “inquiring minds and souls want to know”???

Who are you Helping…and who is it Harming?? The soul’s meditation and realigning of Balance… The Gardener Black Angel card  is received for all the conversations, shaking and Breaking in different parts of our lives…from April, Earthday…May…now June!

“Are we so focused on the azaleas that we are ignoring the weeds?” 

We are aware that the weeds will eventually choke out the azaleas? Self rejection shows up in subtle ways…deep seeds of “not BEing Good or lovable enough”? The Gardener’s Angelic and Heavenly superpowers include but are not limited to:

the healing of others transmutes through our BEing as true Tenderness for the self.

Renewal and regeneration of Divinity in the essence of the Earth Mother or Father that is you! Cultivating the sand of your Matrix soul into the deep, DARK, Black rich soil in the height of anticipation to seedlings coming into Summer.

Taking time to BE silent, reflective, witnessing the opening, the beauty of your BEing.

We are Gardens coming into Blooms..and we do watch for the weeds. Getting your hands in the dirt is a primary and necessary ritual to stay grounded.

“A Bird Builds a nest where it feels safe”. Are you safe..? Are you secret…in a world fully exposed?? AS the summer temperatures and waters rise…we are called to Lay down our burdens of Fear…

By stepping outside of the matrix construct of illusion…

WE Step into Divine Sanctuaries of Truth. We must take a Full account of what;s happened in order to SEE more clearly…with Great clarity, what comes next!

From the edge of the seashore feeding the seagulls with our prayers to the clouds hugging these mountains…Blessed and highly favored!

Just a humble One joined to the Humble Many! We Live life as a prayer…in thought, action, manifestation! As my Sister Queen Dawn Raven would say with her sweet smile…”It’s Who we are and What we do!”

Smile into your Fears…Laugh at what you Hate! To honor a Truth is to see it from every Sacred Point of View. Housecleaning toward the Summer Solstice releases old winter’s pain, trauma, stuck energy …negative thoughts…careless cravings, relations that no longer serve the highest, best or wholeness of your journey.

We are tested on our weakenesses…not our Strengths. What are the agreements we were born to keep, preserve, nurture, revise??? We come bearing gifts through the Peace principles of Forgiveness, Restoration, recognition, Celebration. From the core of this Truth we build the foundation for the next 7 generations. 

The power of this transformative passage on the winds of Oya calls us to re integrate all the facets of our selves and all nine souls in the current reality in motion. Our E motions are the energy in motion Driving the forward progression.

What is your capacity to Keep your Head, when others are Loosing theirs? 

Ascension is a shift of consciousness, Ancient Nations Rise Up!

Are we still focused on the azaleas…? And ignoring the weeds???

3 rd Lunation March Clan Mother

Weighs the Truth teaches us,

Balance as a primary tool in every skillset. As the entrance to Spring approaches we recommend watching the Rise of the Guardians…for magicians of all AGES. To gather THIS seasons’ seeds of intentions….we must fertilize the Gardens of our Souls with the clarity gained from a good winter’s sleep. Stepping in praise, deep in Gratitude…guided by Grace!

An Auspicious Time

Finding, knowing and grounding in our place, purpose…

Destiny in the face of current reality requires vision, determination and forward progression. We are in rapid acceleration to changing our Minds to Change our World.

The power of choice has always been at play… Now More than ever.

Clarity of thought must not only be innovative but…vigorous on the prohibition of negativity, limitation, restrictions and Fear. As more and more injustices are hurled all around , we should not give way to the distraction of propaganda.

The choice to live in our Truth culturally, spiritually at the necessary levels of self suffici ency, must now rise up over our ambivalence.

We need plans A, B, C and more…we fail to plan, we plan to fail. There are infinite possibilities to freedom of choice. Third eyes OPEN, permission to color outside the line should now be given serious consideration.

Where are your gardens growing? Volunteer for digital and cyberspace reduction, withdrawal, separation. Return to your love affair with Nature! By all means necessary examine Who you are in a more simplified life???

Step into your best Candor about what is most important about your life…today, tomorrow, from the eyes of future generations??? How will our Grandchildren’s grandchildred look back upon the lives we are living…leading? existing in?

How do we carve out peaceful sanctuaries for ourselves and Beloved Kindred?

These are the conversations waiting to be had?

All voices matter! Many viewpoints are shared as the foundation of our cultural redesings and Sacred co creation. Healing the wounds of ancestral disconnection IS the mission ast hand. “Doing the same thing, expecting different results is…..?

We have and continue to learn from the mistakes, misgivings and poor judgments of the pass. We came to …and for this time.


Choose…Victim or Victor?

A Bird builds a nest where it feels safe…

As we wax toward the Fullness of a Cancer Moon this Thursday, January 12rh, each and every relation, friend, ally, kindred…BEing, is wise to navigate daily…the power of choice! We are indeed grateful for the ever increasing numbers “awakening” on different levels of consciousness and yet…clearly like Butterflies breaking free from the cocoon, many are paralyzed with frozen minds, emotions and…wings?

How do we really empower ourselves and others amidst great chaos, corruption and increased oppression?

You know while we hear the loud voices of activists nationwide urging the groundswell of resistance !!!! We also are reminded of the wisdom of many elders that tell us “what we resist…persists”. Goodness Knows that far too many of us have been traversing the hamster cage too long. We have grown cozy and comfortable in our political apathy..largely replaced by our addictions to social media, the machine world and the constant companions of artificial intelligence? Are the voices in your head or in your Blue tooth?

We left 2016 so hopeful that most, if not all of our personal unfinished business was addressed through many individual and collective visions toward “new beginnings”.

This year, we arrived in the Oneness…on a universal pause button. Suddenly, evidence of varying degrees of separation between words of unity and…actions that support those words, still suffer from unconscious cracks and gaps. We spent a tremendous amount of time and energy last year in numerous circles talking about disconnection at every turn. Nature disconnection?

Ancestral disconnection?

Emotional, Mental, Social, Spiritual disconnection?

Forward progression in movements, building bridges, creating alliances just doesn’t happen without VERY strong ropes of relations. Best as we can tell even the strongest relationships of many years and lifetimes have been heavily tested in the last six months and even into this new vibration. While many declared “freedom fighters” will approach you in the greetings of Peace, Hotep..A Salaam Alakem…the path of the Peacemaker remains narrow and full of detours, distractions and obstacles. We praise the courageous and Beloved 4 Tribes 4 Peace…! The Kindred tie that binds us moving forward has indeed set a marvelous tone…ready and available to be tested at any point in the future.

So What then, next or Now???

In all Candor, our sweet communion with more galactic and ancient emissaries Of Light, continue to speak to our heart and anchor our Soul in various truths of the Big picture. This view is always of great interest…as we continue to be employed by the destiny of our grandchildren and the next seven generations. Suddenly clear  as a bell, the spiral rotates inward…slower, more observant…! This is the place my Grandma Mi Mi and many grand Aunties referred to as the place of “Watch and Pray”. Ever so fortunately, this sacred space of retreat has great and magical powers. So what’s the rub? One usually gains access through the door of Humility. In order to Truly lift up the praise and Thanksgiving that properly manifest our prayers…

Full Presence is the Key….

in the Stillness of the secret dwelling place of the Most High …Divinity!

Our Higher Power by a thousand or more names and exaltations spoken!

In the quiet love, we water our plants, watch the stars and talk to the Moon…we  are taking full account of what’s happened in order to SEE more ..Clearly, what comes next? Restoring the well, recharging the superpowers in and through the forces of Nature.

Morpheus would encourage us to Turn the Wheels of personal evolution.

More Simply

spoken Show Up and Pay Attention…

because Who better to walk your Destiny than you?

Choose…cause you are finally ready to live your dream. You have the ear and ARE the Voice of the Ancestors…to Live your Dream!





Peace…at what cost?

Gives Praise is the Clan Mother of the 12th lunation of December. An attitude of Gratitude is our gateway from the end of this year into the beginning of the next?

The mother of the season of Thanksgiving andis the keeper of abundance. This Mother is the Guardian of ceremony and ritual…the keeper of Magic. She is the mother of encouragement, guardian of celebration. As the wisdom keeper of the art of grieving and receiving she teaches us how to return thanks for the abundance we need before it arrives, making space to recieve it.Among her many gifts she teaches us how to create and sustain ceremonial Magic.

We are immersed our passage here “Living Life as a Prayer”. 

Gratitude for having scribed an offering of that title in one of the many in the House of Spiritspeaks publications. As the evolutions would navigate us, we will be saying more about various companion study guides available through Mamaloja’s Market…

It is indeed our pleasure and honor to Intoduce to the Kindred…Kimetra Toles Wells. At the intersection of destiny we are humbled by her offering of service and ancestral support for anchoring the East of the Kindred of Sangoma Shield. In service to the Beloved Kindred, Kimetra enbraces of the roads of Elegba, divine messengers and messages regarding gatherings, events, teaching series…How NEWS gets out to you and the primary contact for inquiries, reservations and

The Path of the Peacemaker is the foundation of our Sacred activism for rebuilding, redesigning and co creating conscious community.These are the conversations being had. We are among many moving in a ball of confusion…some at the edge of  all out Panic and chaos. A model for building strong ropes of relationship is based on the medicine wheel or directional  shield of many indigenous peoples. Strong villages are wisely built on the balance of polarities of expansion,focus, expression and celebration…inclusive of the widest diversity of talents.

So where are we headed? and who still has the same boarding passes to our flight???

Moving from Northwest to North on the wheel of where we are now in the midst of the Season of Giving, it is still vital to the mission to consider the North Node of your birth chart and where your EAGLE eyes have the best view of the BIG picture.

As January of another year quickly approaches…moving the Evolutions of Honoring endings and beginnings, there is much to be considered there. What has truly served you and time on the journey thus far…? Complete or does it have further to go…? This of course lives in every corner of our personal wheels of destiny. Some things have lived to the fullness and must now be released, recycled back into the Earth Mother for the Good of another.

In the Northeast…we consider the midheaven from which one cycle is completed and another is born. We Give thanks and Praise for the tremendous awakening within and without. All across the globe sacred activists ARE gathering oil for their lanterns!

Question IS…? Is the movement wise enough to go deep into the underground to stabilize harmony from the inside out? Winter is coming in ways that many among us have no imagination and little tolerance for. What is our Truth…? Gratitude and Praise is the way into that Truth. This passage willfully disconnects from the machine world in order to know and recognize the Truth!

What does it mean to travel to the middle Earth or 5th dimension of our own realitlities?

How does the application of ancient wisdom support navigating Matrix 2017 and a Trump reality? As we open registration for Two , year and a day training intensives and Ceremonies of initiation and ordination, we are assured that those called or compelled to follow the spiritual force that one should not resist…will mot delay the best ways to engage the elevations necessary to personal growth and security moving forward.

Journey into Clan Mother Teachings is presented in monthly weekend retreats in a variety of different geographical locations. As we enter 2017…we are in the fullness  of the Moon the weekend 12-15th…Talks with Relations calls us to sit in council weaving the web of our collective from Friday evening til the Sunday meeting with Changing Woman. The weekend includes  introduction to marketing skillsets, self sufficient homesteading, Grannywit discussion of medicines from our kitchen cabinets in the Dancing Green Woman tea ceremony.

Clearly and in Great Candor…each of us are in a daring passage, not game of Truth or consequences. The girl scout motto is “Be Prepared”. and we are here for those that have that spirit of Kujichagulia…self determination. We call to those that go deep than the lighting of candles and an African outfit for Kwanzaa ceremonies. What we reselve to do, be or say…is no longer trending with New Year Eve’s drunken and impotent resolutions.

The 11th hour is gone…Game on! You want Peace…you gotta count the cost.

Walking our personal Truth

“If I diminish you, I diminish myself”  Rev.Desmond M. Tutu

The Clan Mother of the eleventh Moon cycle is Walks Tall Woman who teaches us how to walk our talk. The Guardian of all forms of Inner Strength is connected to the color white  which assists us with our power of magnetism and proper use of our will and authority. Walks Tall Woman shows the children of the Earth how to lead through example instead of insisting that others follow the leader. As we focus on walking our personal truth, we pursue our goals and accomplishments with self esteem rather than self importance. Reputation is based upon integrity and inner knowing…NOT on the opinions of others.

November’s Clan mother is the Guardian of Leadership and the Keeper of New Pathways.

Now more than ever we must revisit the importance of innovation such that we do not  destroy the traditions of the past but rather add new Truths to those Traditions, giving the ancient ways of our Ancestors…new growth potential. Walks Tall Woman is also the

Mother of Perserverance and Stamina.  In this season of fear and uncertainty it is crucial to properly identify the bullseye of our destiny and walk toward it in balance and flexibility.

A mind riddled with half truths and negativity obstructs rather than allows others to find and follow their paths. With truth in our hearts like Creed…we make the greatest strides…one step, one punch…one round at the time.

Although Canada is still there…where in our souls can we really run or hide?? What is your personal Truth? Compelled to dance with a whip and sword in the winds of change with the Goddess Oya recently in abule Oyotunji…we grieve the death of many eras in our current reality. However, with every death there is always rebirth.! Question is… what is the health of our pregnancy…the seeds planted deep within for germination through this winter??? For most of this nine year we have asked many…”Where are your gardens growing?” Not just food for our physical bodies…but most importantly what are the sustainable seeds in our hearts, minds and souls that have the most growth potential for the forward progression through the unprecendented changes ahead?

As always we cling to the forces of Nature and the Sanctuary of our sacred sovereignty within and without. We are deeply grateful for the Love, support and continued vision of our Kindred and Tribal Alliances. We have been deeply empowered and encouraged by the recent gathering of 4 Tribes 4 Peace.  The connection of souls there called  to Lead in this time, strengthened our resolve to build the strong foundations of Unified Bridges supported by our diversity.

As we move into Winter in America and head toward toward the new beginnings coming in 2017…there are no casual or careless decisions, choices, roads. Choosing our finest words, knowing when to speak and when not to…are among the basic protocals and wisdom that  of structural support to iwa pele…good character. May Love lead the way and inner peace guide us into sustainable exchanges and collective resources…In order to have strong allies, we must first learn to BE one.

Walks Tall Woman inspires us to meet the challenges Head On being willing to drop all fear…Fear is the mind Killer that opposes our ability to Take Action. Talk is cheap…most definitely the chatter of the “what ifs” rippling through the shock waves of where a Trump Presidency will take us.? Crowns on…no tilt, Walk THE talk fully embodying the authenticity of our personal Truth.

Peace in our time!