Season of All Souls

As we sit with the Magician, the Metal King, the Queen of Water (cups) and Mother Soul to guide us and hold us steady to our course this week…

we are humbled by the the collective grief and optimism in our Mists!

As Weaves the Web closes her Lunation and makes way for Walks Tall Woman of November., we are ever grateful in the teachings of our 13 Original Clan Mothers.

Moving through the Sun in Libra of October was all about Bringing into Balance a greater conscious Reality! An ancient Cherokee saying,

“How do you Destroy a righteous person? Give him or Her One Follower!”

Truth in its purest form is still Truth. The Clan Mother of the 11th Lunation reminds us in all that we see and hear around us in this season…to follow the rules made by humans can often lead to a Crooked Trail. Many of the children of the Earth have Lost their way on many levels…?

When we Ask for and are Given Divine Guidance and Direction from our Ancestors, Angels, Archangels, Saints, and all Light Beings BEtween the Alpha and Omega…we Are in the BEcoming of…

we are compelled to follow the Truth as it is presented to our Hearts! Habu?

We Know and recognize that Truth by the peace, serenity and gratitude that fills our Souls! The Mother of our Soul holds our Joys and Sorrows. She knows that Sacred Law is Not made by Humans. To Lead does not require “followers”.  We lead by example by contributing to the Whole.

This Guardian of our Sacred Point of View always shares the power of knowing when and to how to speak. When to remain silent! She is agile, tenacious, dauntless, fearless, and yet there is a time to move and a time to BE STILL!

She considers well the energies of her environment, within and without…and steps softly on the path of Divine Leadership, Trusting the Powers of LIGHT and LOVE that Move out BEfore! Even in the midst of such darkness and despair, we are encouraged to  Celebrate our Human Potential…

The Season of All Souls IS all that we have been, Are and will BE…!

Even though right now it appears to BE coming back to Haunt us?

The Metal King is strong  and arrives from the Hidden Realms to lend his impenetrable shield of protection!!! This ally assists us with setting healthy boundaries and with the veils This thin, this is a very good thing. Scorpions are deadly treading water or Earth and the Sting of self sabotage is rampant. As the ropes of our Soul’s relations grow stronger, we have great clarity about where the Emotions of others end, and ours BEgin.

Blessed and highly favored are we to have the power of Water at a Queen’s level. Like in Chess, we have the power of Movement…Next Tuesday a Feminine Tsunami of sorts will manifest. Through the powers of Visualization and imagination flow the waters of healing and reBirth. Women don’t just Birth Babies.

We Birth Nations! The Season of all Souls beckons us to swim in the watery realms of spirits and remembrances. Lives lived BEfore us are built into and housed in our memories. To stay in Candor, the hurt, trauma and pain stuck and trapped in the memories are far too many is BEyond epidemic proportions.

As the odds are ever in the favor of the Lightworkers, the Magician is standing by!

The Magician weaves magic into enchanted vibrations of Love and Magnetism. This is the energy BEtween Heaven and Earth…All the Realms where the veils are the thinnest are filled with Infinite possibilities.

Is it tedious “waiting to exhale”? Most of the time. And as the old ones would say…

“This too shall pass.” Feast with your Bright Shiny Ancestors that are awaiting your call, you may not Know their names, our cellular memory carries us into all Truth!

Chances are what they Liked, you like? The answers you seek are within and the imagination is a great place to wander!

You are So Loved!

As Above, So BE Low

“East of the Last flaming Sun-West of the final and loneliest Shining Star-

lies a fair and wondrous land of milk and honey! Some may call it Paradise!”

(Make Me a Miracle, Charles Tazewell, author of the Littlest Angel)


Do you Know this place BEtween the worlds? Is it new and uncharted territory in your own Soul and Truth? When in doubt it is always to help to reflect upon where you have already been that would not be your first, second or third choice…to return.

Best to go and clear those energies, persons, disfunctional patterns right out of the room…to make space for the something NEW, stashed safety in your Dreams, DNA or cellular memory. If you are NOT sinking with the Titantic…are you swimming or do you have a Lifeboat???

There are sharks in the waters like Hungry ghosts.

We are very grateful for our reference points like the Calabash of ancient Ifa…

As Above, So Below…

Heaven or Hell? Ever think the chaos created is designed to confuse any skill or ability to Find Truth, anywhere, in any thing???

All points in BEtween are used and accessed to navigate and keep our Balance. In the Ascension Above, we are More fully in Our Divinity , our celestial and Conscious BEingness!

Below, where already dim Lights darken, the Density of the Matrix is heavy, mournful and tragic. Re examine the places where your life Falls out of Balance….and why?

Who is in charge? and who is Driving the car? Has the car been driving itself? Collision after collision! As we come into October , the lunation of the tenth Clan Mother, Weaves the Web the Perfect Guardian, midwife, ally.

She is the Keeper of our Survival instinct,

She is the Guardian of our Life Force and Wholeness,,

the muse, the artist…

the manifester of Dreams

SHE teaches us to USE our desires to Create and

Bring our Dreams into tangible forms,

She Teaches us HOW to manifest our Visions and give them LIFE through the womb of our actions and artistic talents. This brings us to the gate of the West of 2018. Our Standing allies shrink inwardly down into their root systems and the Sunshine overdosed leaves FALL to their Death and rebirth into the Earth. The compost piles are turned, the BEAR enters the cave of introspection.

As Above, so BE Low

It is time in the face of the political, social and energetic Hurricanes and typhoons blowing changes in and through from every direction, to BE Low in the eye of the calm of the Storm… is to find and Keeper your center. The first Source, Sun is in Libra. the Brialliance of Venus has slowed way down to the crawl of Igbin, the snail! All forward motion stops on Oshun’s vibration of 5.

For Forty Days and Forty nights She Shall Remain without forward progression into Beauty and Harmony. …? What Shall we do from here to just pass the Dark Moon in November? What “Manna from Heaven” gets us through the Wilderness of All Hallows Eve, Dia de La Muertes, the Season of All Souls…and the midterm elections???

The Clan Chief of the Air!…from each BREATH to winds at abnormally High speeds.

The Clan Chief of Water..are we floating along, Drifting???

riding each tide, swimming a few, but Always and

in All ways Keeping our Head above water.

Clan Chief of Fire , are we Burning up in the flames of our OWN anger, or someone else’s?

Would not ,we rather welcome the Chief at the belly of our passions and Truth?

Ever forging higher and deeper levels of Creativity.

The East /West axil Learns us a very High wire Balancing Act if we approach it as with any other skills set. Use your Winds of transformation in all the ways that manifest your Desires into tangible forms! Why Not? If you know those parts and places of your life that you are complete with, what remains to BE done on the mission ahead??? The North South Axil maintains that Big Picture Eagle Vision, while aware and over SEEING even the smallest details of the coming evolutions toward Winter. Darker nights, colder days?

Think about about it, feel into your Soul, back up from the expectations of others , FEEL what is True for the WHOLE you! In this Going within place

at the West gate of 2019, we learn to work with the Truth.

Ain’t taking no wooden nickles. Time to put some action under those Big Dreams, Abandon the hamster cage. Between tomorrow and Yesterday is the gift of Our Present…

Like Grandmothers and Ole Aunties would tell us when we thought we could impress with our ambitions…They would look at us through the eyes of the Goddess, all our angels, ancestors, spirit guides and say…

“NO Time, Like the Present!”



It’s ALL about Choice

The night on the mountains is hugging us from Cole Road, Leceister.

Enjoying the perfect cup of coffee on the front porch of …Heaven.

Its always Heaven filled with the starry medicine bowl that gives us such sanctuary where the brass, turquoise and seashell earrings are removed, the outer edges and layers fade to black, releasing us to hear Truth from the deepest places within.

Wisdomseekers are well advised to stay steady in the inner core of their center as we are now fully emerged in the passage of many storms, eruptions, wildfires and quakes in the Earth.

The labor pains of our collective truth is at hand. The connections we seem to strive so hard to avoid or dismiss are the very connections we need to make, keep sacred, sustain and Strengthen.

Does it ever get ugly enough to move or compell us into Random acts of Kindness???

Are we ready to release the excess baggage of our outrage? Every voice may or may not BE heard through this season of rachet and wicked evolutions?

The power of growth lies in the power of imagination! Imagining our Divinity in Nature, Sovereignty…nation-building. It is the place deep inside of our Souls that craves Love and shuns hate. It is the foundation of our Peacemaking, Bridge-building, the resolution of duality and dissolution of anything inauthentic.

Life is all about choice!

Stay in the hamster cage, running that wheel in the basement of spiritual special education if you choose?

Some of us are still Rising in the halls of illumination, co creation…

Believing everyday in the Power to choose!!!!

We ALL come from the Goddess and to the Divine we shall return.

It is the worst of times and the BEST of times. The glass is clean or dirty, half full or half empty. To embody the Light of co-creation in each and every breath we have remaining in this dimension is paramount to the mission.

As we AWAKEN it is also imperative to BE gentle with yourself and others, choose your finest words, remember when silence is Golden, Drink More water than you ever have and try to Rest, Dream and Be at Peace as much as possible.

Love is true, eternal and pushes back the darkness!

Rising Up from the Culture of Death and Destruction…

August 2018 finds us in the Eighth Lunation of She Who Heals

She Who Heals is the Guardian of “serving the Truth”.

She weaves a web of Wholeness with the Children of the Earth and All Our Relations by BEing the keeper of the Healing Arts, Mother of All Rites of Passage. She is a Guardian of the Mysteries of Life and Death, and Singer of the Death Song. Midwife, herbalist, Medicine Woman, spirit healer and teacher of the cycles of the Earth walk.

Her color is BLUE, representing intuition, Truth, water and feelings!

Our Black Angel watching, guiding and supporting our entrance into the Season of Lammas is the Sower. As we wane to the New Moon and partial solar eclipse of the 11TH (remember this is an 11/2 year) she reminds us that:

“we are Bringing forth Life from the seeds that have been planted”.

Her waking path is …Flourishing, and her sleeping path is disappearing.

We Are the co-creators expanding our Collective consciousness at this time…out of time!

We are Bringing forth ideas that change the way the world works! All that we are Co-creating BEcomes part of the evolution of humanity into and comfortable with the Sacred, THIS is the solid foundation that supports the Teachings Around the Dark Moon Sacred Activism intensives BEing offered at the Asheville Raven and Crone in September. We come as One of many spiritual midwives called as Wayshowers, Lightbearers, Unifers, Bridgebuilders, Gatekeepers, Seers,…Messengers of Truth and Light.

From the Oracle of the Four Elements the Strength card is drawn supported by Earth and Water…Notice there is no Fire of Anger or rage and in the Realm of Air, talk is cheap.

“It is our deeds that move us into the State of Wakanda, not our words”

We are Changing the World from the vantage point of our Own Backyard. Whom else shall we or do we Trust in this Sacred space? We are at the threshold of HEALING!

We are no longer drowning in our fears of the Past…we are Rising UP! As the engines of our Souls drain toward empty, let us Refill, recharge, renew our Resolve!

In choosing our Right actions, we must examine which way we live our lives…by choice and whether we FEEL empowered…or not?

Our Candor, Divergence and Dauntlessness is at hand!

Keep it Real, Stay humble…keep it Sacred!



Eku Odun Orunmila

“Culture is the Chief Magistrate of One’s Destiny”

Oba A.A.Adefunmi II

How very strange to be awakened at two in the morning, beading and praying in the Presence of Truth. It IS the Season of Destiny ,where upon in days past, would have found  this omo Obatala, full of paint and dirty through the streets and temples of Oyotunji! The Divine re assignments from the end of May through the Ancestral Festival, Odun Yemoja and Now Odun Orunmila… requires deep adjustments.

As the June lunation of the Storyteller comes to a close and opens for Loves All Things in July, we find ourselves just coming back into Fresh breath from last week’s dance with Sister Ivy. It came with a warning: even in the most Sacred of ceremonies, invisible poisons exists. The STRONG Heavenly commands to sit still and focus on Healing are BEing obeyed! Much of my heart is pulling me to the mat of the Babalawo, bowing in devotion to the realignment necessary to walk this Sacred path.

To dress and go for show, is one thing…for camping and time and art and the beach…

is more energy than we can muster and yet a ride may be sent ? As has been our privilege and honor of recent days, the heavenly hosts do send forth  chariots for the missions!

Like wise what an honor to BE sitting present for a conversation three decades in the making on White privilege and dismantling racism!!! These are the pages of life that make us give up our shallow agenda of feeling guilty about what we haven’t done and where we are NOT???

We recognize that Ofun Odi is celebrated in every breath we take, every nap we take, every blog we write and all the prayers, rituals and ceremonies in between…

We bring adimu of Gin and palm oil to our ikin. We humble ourselves in surrender to a Destiny so much bigger than this mind’s comprehension! My Iyalosa has told me many times…”A wanderer can never have a great Love for their Home”. To this day we seek the fullest wisdom in knowing that proverb from the inside out!  The Oneness in Heart IS HOME, wherever the geography! Like a Queen of Many Thrones, we are reminded of the Casandra Theory. It begs the question, “ever met a time traveler?” and furthermore, could you believe or even comprehend ANY of what that traveler might say or share with you?

After all, theirs is not to prove anything, for the passage of time reveals ALL things. The Council of Celestial Beings all agree that THIS Season of Destiny is filled with Revelations. For we can go no further HIDING the Truth.

Painful and Ugly as it ALL is , there is great Beauty in the awakening of so many that refuse to give up hope and creativity. These are the Divine Blueprint Holders. Many can see the powerful ancestral DNA and cellular memory in the auras of others!!

There are many Unifers, that are doing everything they can to Bring the lone wolves back into the pack!

Seers and Wayshowers keep walking and Guiding others toward the frontlines of apathy and indifference. They make it clear that life and Free will IS about Choosing in this season, Riding the fence built at the Borders belongs to a time  that can NEVER BE fully realized.

Goddess BLESS the Grid workers and Gatekeepers for holding such a strong focus from within the Belly of the Earth Mother  to balance the eruptions, quakes, winds, solar flares. Our Mother is in third stage labor.  No more covering up the tears, rips and bloodstains with Stars and Stripes??? As with every Newborn…Its ALL out in the open!

If your flags are flying in Freedom, get Free from America’s darkest addictions!!! These are the Transmuters coming out of the shadows. Shedding old snake skins and transmuting poison into healing. The Empaths, Messengers and Dreamers continue to stir the slumbering and rattle the cages of the unconscious!

The Lightkeepers dive into the Darkness and turn up the Light within !

The Ascension Guides gently anchor the Phoenixes RISING from the Fires.

The Power of Kindred

The wisdom of the Ancients

Floats upon the Seas,

Nestles in the forests,

And stands among the trees,

This ancient form of Knowing,

Grows amidst the sands, Waiting for the Human race

To learn from the land,

There among the whispers,

Of creatures, stones and wind,

The wisdom of the Ancestors

Is waiting to befriend

Any human seeker who

wants to find the way, 

Honoring the ancient wisdom

Through actions taken today

Application is everything. When wisdom is spoken from the intellect

…but not integrated into Behavior it carries no clout.

It is time for us to live the wisdom, instead of intellectually

espousing what we believe is correct behavior for the enLIGHTENED?



Day by day, the ropes of all our Relations grow stronger, carrying us deeper and further into our collective Truth. Ever grateful for our crossing with all the Divinities of fire in the company of Iya Sangobunmi, thru the entranceway into 2018, propelled us through the lunar eclipse of this new year, recognizing the opportunities to double our offerings in the name of our soul’s nutrition. This expression has been germinating since the winter solstice of 2017 forming, and reforming the Truth that guides our way.

Grandmother moon hides her face all month Long, not as if she’s just looking the other way from our needs, wishes and prayers, but rather diving deep into that going within place…allowing for the completion of the circle from the solar eclipse of August 2017 to the one we embrace tomorrow. Inner wisdom raises the frequency and vibration of rebirth. Game on, this IS a master 11 yeaar. Yes BIG parts have died…and are dying away to make room for our Becoming.

As we remove any and all resistance to our Solar return on the 26th of this month, we Bless and appreciate ALL that has cycled through the 62 years we  are completing. The good, the bad, the Hard and the down right ugly. We acknowledge that every experience, without exception…leads to the present.

My Head, Ori ja fun mi!

is ready to receive

new ways of thinking and believing

My thoughts manifest my deeds.

Their power is great.

My mind will help me rule my fate.

My Heart…fills with compassion

and is filled with feelings true

that in each moment…renew

Emotion’s waves,

they ebb and flow..

And I avoid their undertow.

My Home is here…at the root of my ancient core

I feel secure.

This space is now a Temple pure

where I can safely speak my mind

and leave my hurt and fear behind.

It’s time to let my head and heart

align to bring me Cupid’s dart

or any other goal I Seek…

It’s time to truly hear

the Goddess within speak.

Heartfelt gratitude and prayers,

medicine from the cave of winter’s bear

to ALL my next of kin, far and near!

Giving Thanks and Praise…

Ever Living, ever giving!

Gives Praise is the Clan Mother of the Twelfth Moon..lunation. She is the Mother of all acts of Thanksgiving and the Keeper of Abundance. We are ever grateful for her Guardianship of  Ceremony and Ritual…without which,

we would be lost in our Earth walk.,.

She is the Keeper of Magic and embodies encouragement. She is the wisdom keeper of the art of Giving and Receiving. She teaches us how to return thanks for the abundance we need before it arrives…making space to receive it. In this season of family celebrations, we are charged with having the right attitudes to create magical changes in the Self.  In this way we deepen our Gratitude for the Truth….

We have not been moved to share any deep revelations since October in this Blog, for as we Moved in and through the Season of Oya…the winds picked up and Changing Woman continues re arranging everything she touches!Simply stated…RESPECT is demanded for each revelation…in and of itself!!!

Timelines splitting, Dimensions shifting as we, are in many cases now Forced to shed the worn, torn skins of this past year….

Astrologically Speaking, the Mother of Storms and Transformation has all the dance cards. Our Gratitude grows for the wisdom and teachings poured into our Soul to find, linger in and appreciation the EYE in the calm of the storm. Without the inner compass to steady the course, we would just be swirling like the leaves that release themselves in a glorious and colorful death. We are grateful for the Kindred and campfires shared through the season of Fall, honoring the gates of the west…the sunsets of these past evolutions.

We are no longer bound than a Hawk in Flight…

and we are the Fires that burn in the Night!

We are the shaking and the breaking of the Earth…

We are the bringers of the World’s Rebirth…

Cry Freedom!”

No doubt. the seeds now germinating in the pregnancy of our Winter are HEAVY and from time to time painful. Yet we are filled with hope and expectation. Our Curiosity is Peaked!!! Here’s what we know, mainstream news has been Deeply compromised. What remains in the desert of “free information” is the tunnel vision view designed to control and direct the minds, actions and spending choices of those still asleep or just wiping the sleep from their eyes!

Oceans of Gratitude flood to the tip top of our being again for the many prayers poured upon the stone people in inipi this past year, for the long walks and talks with trees and the beauty of the parts of nature rebirth through Art and songs…and smiles. In the mists of the Revolutions, evolutions and revelations of 2017…the love in our garden grows thick and is free of weeds. We give thanks and praise for the immeasurable JOY any one of our memories can rush forward in the spirit of a day.

 Somehow we have found the balance between order and chaos….Order comes spiritually on the wings of Grace as we surrender ourselves into the unfolding of destiny!

May these remaining days waxing to the Fullness of New Year’s Eve be filled with personal time spent with your Number #1 Star Player…! The infinite and Divine I Am…in which all of the cellular memory of our ancestral lineages “rearranges” the healing our children and seven generations forward are in need of ! May ALL your days into the New Year Be Merry and Bright …by your own choice and will. This winter has many storms up ahead. Be prepared is our girl scout motto. Don’t get caught watching channel zero???

From the Completion of 9 into the Oneness

->You ARE… the moment you decide to be” Becomes Her Vision, 13th Clan Mother, 

13 Original Clan Mothers by Jamie Sams

In the ninth lunation of 2017, the month of September, Setting Sun Woman taught us How to show concern, dependability and compassion through the ways we live…As the Tower of the old institutions and structures continue to fall and crumble. the awakening and opening of hearts Rise to meet the challenge.

A Total Solar Eclipse, four Hurricanes, a massive Earthquake and one “law abiding citizen” later we find ourselves now in the tenth lunation of Weaves the Web, the Clan mother of October. She is the Mother of Creativity, Muses, artists…the manifestor of Dreams, keeper of the Survival Instinct.

This weekend the Freeman Ancestral Survival Network will host its Survival Skills Training Camp…and for the token people of color that have weaved in and out of predominantly European culturized Earthskills events…that’s a big deal! Where you say…Are the Black people in the woods, camping out? Charlottesville, Virginia of course. This was brought into our awareness only a week ago…so we just aren’t going because of the red hats and men with torches. Actually, some of the leadership of this camp and we, go way back through abule Oyotunji and we are grateful to brother Santos for the invite and also taking martial arts instruction to the gathering.

October 18-22 the annual Earthskills Falling Leaves Event will gather in Avalon, SC. Please join us for not only survival skills, primitive skills, life skills in every aspect of deepening relationships with nature. Campfires, Storytelling, the infamous Mead and Greet, as well as our Fundraising Auction for Scholarships!  The littles are exposed to a variety of games and activities in Nature, the teens have their own camp and last year made ice cream the old fashion way. Truly there is something for everyone!

As happens all too often in this destiny, this same weekend Samhain Nights 2017: with the Ancestors is that very same weekend in the Valley of the Dragons, Cosby, Tenn. Since we have been in Kindred with both of these communities for more than two decades…we depend upon the magic afoot to somehow attend both. From the Dark Moon of the 19th…Grandmother spider dances out of the shadows with Weaves the Web toward the Odun Oya…in abule Oyotunji, Oct.27-29th.

As the Moon waxes Full and the veils between the worlds grow thin for All Hallows Eve, Hwedo , Dia de Muertes and the weekend of All Souls…we look forward to the weekly sacred space of the Season of the Raven! In these last nine weeks of the year 2017 we will indeed go deep into the exchange of spiritual/ritual tools for navigating our winter’s Evolution.

Weaves the Web teaches us how to work with the Truth, how to tap into our life Force using energy to build, change or manifest our needs. Now more than ever our medicine bags must be filled with the confidence of manifesting our visions and giving them Life through our words and actions. Talk without action is cheap…faith without works is dead.

Registration for  the Season of the Raven is now open! Those seeking to GET their questions answered in order to manifest the changes needed and desired…

have the choice of  attending all nine temple spaces…at least an hour each week…$90 when paid in full in advance of November first…

OR you can select specific sessions to focus in particular areas….$15 each session. the email address connected to our PayPal is

We remind you to gather energy and support from a wide selection of audio on the Teachings of Sangoma FB page….Last, but not least we are holding prayers and intentions for 4 Tribes 4 peace in 2018. We have been blessed since last year’/s event with many that heard about it too late or for whatever reason were unable to attend…if you have energy and time to invest in the manifestation of this gathering next year, we want to hear from you., kindredofsangoma FB page…or Kindredof


Keep it Real, Keep it Sacred…Stay Connected

In Service of Truth

at home outside

SHE WHO HEALS is the Clan Mother of the Eighth Moon cycle in August and is the  Guardian oF serving the Truth.

This Clan Mother Serves the Children of the Earth by Being the Keeper of Healing Arts, Mother of all Rites of Passage, Guardian of the mysteries of Life and Death…Singer of the Death Song.

She is the Midwife, herbalist, Medicine Woman, spirit healer and teacher of the cycles of the Earth walk. Her color is blue, representing intuition, truth, water  and feelings. She is the Servant of Humankind…

She teaches us..

How to serve others with a Happy heart,using our healing abilities to serve

How to Overstand and Honor the life cycles of birth, death and rebirth

How to believe in the miracles of life through our connections to our Spiritual essences

Fullintegration with the Plant Kingdom and all our relations…

When an individual Earth Walk is complete, She Who Heals sings the Death song for those dropping their physical robes, earthly burdens and unfullfilled dreams…Compelled by a spiritual force that we  should not  resist,we free up the Space…where the dark shadows were hanging out…throw open the windows of Summer and let the Heat burn it out. Truly this has been the passage from whence last we wrote.

The wild adventures of Dr. Eric and Aunties Sangoma…the true blood and hugs from the heart among the Earth tribe…from ancient Native prophesy to the dreams of daughter of the Wabanaki peoples and the plight of families separated this generation….so that the Healing of Turtle Island would begin again at the Eastern gate.

Sisters from Seattle sang to and for the whales…the Mandela Alliance from South Africa…The Mauri Tribe from New Zealand…An Arbor made of cedar with four gates and the Sacred Fire in the middle..!Extra Ordinary! Well the Yoruba say there is no good without bad, Mark’s blue jeeptook its last breathe on the ramp of the ATL Airport…?

Our Mission should we decide to accept it…was to manifest another car in which to take our grands on the rest of their summerfun and Beach day…The ancestors watching over and providing for the Kulubali descendents down here saw to it…and so it was that we

were present in the Valley of the Dragons, Cosby , Tenn…with new friends, Bonfires…Drumming…and galactic portals that lead to other galactic dimensions…Aidigun and Tacorey had whole days and nights of mountain  woodland adventures…For all the urban death they endure ,…we were pleased and satisfied as they jumped the waves in the Edisto Beach ocean…that Grammy’s offering to the power of ancestors is being fulfilled. “Live each day as if its your last” Grandma Mi Mi would always say…We spent time around a couple of puzzle tables in North Hampton, Mass with some of our AOM Elder Mothers…a beautiful gateway of transition between Maine and Georgia…

The gardens are happy we are home…!!! She who Heals is fully immersed in a Medicine Woman’s work…supported by amazing Starseeds…In Earth and Heaven…conspiraring in every moment for our greatest good and destiny…

Taking care as the Book of Revelations continues to turn the pages to from and Dark…and ecliptical!!!Wow. fasten your seatbelts, prepare to lift and Launch!

April, May…June

On the waking path…the Gardener fertilizes the ground with seeds of compassion, truth and wellness. You Live a purposeful life seeing the lessons as compost for your future growth.

On the sleeping path, your work can stimulate the need to tend your own garden….

Truly inspired and empowered by the Black Angel Oracle by Zenju Earthlyn Manuel!!! This conversation is largely “inquiring minds and souls want to know”???

Who are you Helping…and who is it Harming?? The soul’s meditation and realigning of Balance… The Gardener Black Angel card  is received for all the conversations, shaking and Breaking in different parts of our lives…from April, Earthday…May…now June!

“Are we so focused on the azaleas that we are ignoring the weeds?” 

We are aware that the weeds will eventually choke out the azaleas? Self rejection shows up in subtle ways…deep seeds of “not BEing Good or lovable enough”? The Gardener’s Angelic and Heavenly superpowers include but are not limited to:

the healing of others transmutes through our BEing as true Tenderness for the self.

Renewal and regeneration of Divinity in the essence of the Earth Mother or Father that is you! Cultivating the sand of your Matrix soul into the deep, DARK, Black rich soil in the height of anticipation to seedlings coming into Summer.

Taking time to BE silent, reflective, witnessing the opening, the beauty of your BEing.

We are Gardens coming into Blooms..and we do watch for the weeds. Getting your hands in the dirt is a primary and necessary ritual to stay grounded.

“A Bird Builds a nest where it feels safe”. Are you safe..? Are you secret…in a world fully exposed?? AS the summer temperatures and waters rise…we are called to Lay down our burdens of Fear…

By stepping outside of the matrix construct of illusion…

WE Step into Divine Sanctuaries of Truth. We must take a Full account of what;s happened in order to SEE more clearly…with Great clarity, what comes next!

From the edge of the seashore feeding the seagulls with our prayers to the clouds hugging these mountains…Blessed and highly favored!

Just a humble One joined to the Humble Many! We Live life as a prayer…in thought, action, manifestation! As my Sister Queen Dawn Raven would say with her sweet smile…”It’s Who we are and What we do!”

Smile into your Fears…Laugh at what you Hate! To honor a Truth is to see it from every Sacred Point of View. Housecleaning toward the Summer Solstice releases old winter’s pain, trauma, stuck energy …negative thoughts…careless cravings, relations that no longer serve the highest, best or wholeness of your journey.

We are tested on our weakenesses…not our Strengths. What are the agreements we were born to keep, preserve, nurture, revise??? We come bearing gifts through the Peace principles of Forgiveness, Restoration, recognition, Celebration. From the core of this Truth we build the foundation for the next 7 generations. 

The power of this transformative passage on the winds of Oya calls us to re integrate all the facets of our selves and all nine souls in the current reality in motion. Our E motions are the energy in motion Driving the forward progression.

What is your capacity to Keep your Head, when others are Loosing theirs? 

Ascension is a shift of consciousness, Ancient Nations Rise Up!

Are we still focused on the azaleas…? And ignoring the weeds???