Kindred Kinnection

Season of the Raven Full Moon Council, June 2nd…8 pm

This “Wisdom Council” conference call  is 60 minutes of sacred space supporting the cohesive strength of sisterhood. As the talking stick is laid in the middle, sisters anchor their listening bowls as gratitude, breakthroughs, visions of strong family and community are shared. Astrological overview…and the Oracle of Divinity offers a tone/lesson.

This is the Season of the Clan Mother of the 6th lunation…the guardian of storytelling. How to speak the truth as good medicine for the people. Choosing our finest words or the stories of potent characters…rather than the wagging tongues and fingers that point. We are headed into the heat of the Summer Solstice…Looking for the Good within shares the lessons shared on the call.

Firefly Gathering, June 25-28th…Asheville, NC

An Earthskills Village and Mountain music event…teachings around the Ancestral fires–This year’s special guest…Dr. Daniel Foor.(ancestral  Storytelling, rituals and campfire reflections for cultural/ancestral repairs and reconnection! Moonlodge, Classes in the Activation of Medicine Shields, Wheels and other tools of spiritual technology will be shared. Clan Mother support for maintaining the ceremony in our everyday lives! This year the take home is literally live/charged ambers from the ancestral fire to travel throughout our communities and gatherings in the Southeast. for more…

Odun Ifa, Pan African Grassroots Assembly 2015

Fourth of July weekend, Food, Shelter, Clothing is the theme and focus of this year’s assembly…We look forward to the founder and host of Living in Black radio…Keidi Awadu, Dr. Umar Johnson, pan Africanists, Black nationalists, community and sacred activists from all across the country. As we vision the completion of comfortable and cool, screened in structures on our family compound, your support for worktrade in Minga parties and Sacred Activism intensives (June 30-July 6th)If youcan come down the week before the 4th of July be in touch at Kindred of Sangoma FB ( for assembly pre registration, lodging/camping, vending opportunities)

Season of the Raven, Full Moon in Capricorn… wisdom council…Wednesday July 1st, stepping into the teachings of Loves All Things, Clan Mother and Guardian of the 7th lunation. 7 pm (605 475 4700, 510043#)

Whipporwill Festival, Berea, Kentucky, July 9-12th…more teachings of Sacred Activism and navigation of the medicine wheels of life’s journey. Will be in the area a few days extra visiting…Sweetwater Tipi…Joan Candalino!

Season of the Raven, ceremony of the Dark Moon in Cancer , Wednesday, July 15th….and then the second FULL MOON in July comes on the 31st…this new moon in Aquarius…we look beyond the veils to see and acknowledge our values, TRUTH and philosophies behind our words and actions.…this energy has been prayed and dedicated to the memory of Lady Amythyst of Avalon Isle for the fullfillment of her vision in the training of  Earth Maidens…for tools and activation of sacred sanctuary, the Divine Blissings of the Goddess. Princesses and Maidens will be in the approach of the Lodge of BEcoming for the dark moon.

The Daughters of Amethyst Princess Camp, July 27-August 2… Dragonshire, Cosby, Tenn. is a magical adventure for Earth maidens 7-14 to return to the beauty, culture and ceremony of feminine rites of passage. This transformative week hpnors the season of development that naturally occurs in this season of maidenlife! Personal development, gifts of sight and intuitive skills, songs, games/ fun for young girls in and approaching the “Lodge of Becoming”…guardians of Sacred Sanctuary. May every face and facet of the Goddess hear our prayers!

The Season of the Raven for August will find us at the Women’s Wilderness Gathering in Camp Daniel Boone, NC…Friday , August 14th…Daughters of the Goddess and all other Earth Maidens, Mothers, Matriarchs and Crones will celebrate the Ceremony of the MOONlodge for the Dark Moon in Leo. This is the second annual gathering and is bound to double last year’s attendance of over 120 women….many of whom had NEVER camped before. Earthskills, Sisterhood, sacred space and activism.