April, May…June

On the waking path…the Gardener fertilizes the ground with seeds of compassion, truth and wellness. You Live a purposeful life seeing the lessons as compost for your future growth.

On the sleeping path, your work can stimulate the need to tend your own garden….

Truly inspired and empowered by the Black Angel Oracle by Zenju Earthlyn Manuel!!! This conversation is largely “inquiring minds and souls want to know”???

Who are you Helping…and who is it Harming?? The soul’s meditation and realigning of Balance… The Gardener Black Angel card  is received for all the conversations, shaking and Breaking in different parts of our lives…from April, Earthday…May…now June!

“Are we so focused on the azaleas that we are ignoring the weeds?” 

We are aware that the weeds will eventually choke out the azaleas? Self rejection shows up in subtle ways…deep seeds of “not BEing Good or lovable enough”? The Gardener’s Angelic and Heavenly superpowers include but are not limited to:

the healing of others transmutes through our BEing as true Tenderness for the self.

Renewal and regeneration of Divinity in the essence of the Earth Mother or Father that is you! Cultivating the sand of your Matrix soul into the deep, DARK, Black rich soil in the height of anticipation to seedlings coming into Summer.

Taking time to BE silent, reflective, witnessing the opening, the beauty of your BEing.

We are Gardens coming into Blooms..and we do watch for the weeds. Getting your hands in the dirt is a primary and necessary ritual to stay grounded.

“A Bird Builds a nest where it feels safe”. Are you safe..? Are you secret…in a world fully exposed?? AS the summer temperatures and waters rise…we are called to Lay down our burdens of Fear…

By stepping outside of the matrix construct of illusion…

WE Step into Divine Sanctuaries of Truth. We must take a Full account of what;s happened in order to SEE more clearly…with Great clarity, what comes next!

From the edge of the seashore feeding the seagulls with our prayers to the clouds hugging these mountains…Blessed and highly favored!

Just a humble One joined to the Humble Many! We Live life as a prayer…in thought, action, manifestation! As my Sister Queen Dawn Raven would say with her sweet smile…”It’s Who we are and What we do!”

Smile into your Fears…Laugh at what you Hate! To honor a Truth is to see it from every Sacred Point of View. Housecleaning toward the Summer Solstice releases old winter’s pain, trauma, stuck energy …negative thoughts…careless cravings, relations that no longer serve the highest, best or wholeness of your journey.

We are tested on our weakenesses…not our Strengths. What are the agreements we were born to keep, preserve, nurture, revise??? We come bearing gifts through the Peace principles of Forgiveness, Restoration, recognition, Celebration. From the core of this Truth we build the foundation for the next 7 generations. 

The power of this transformative passage on the winds of Oya calls us to re integrate all the facets of our selves and all nine souls in the current reality in motion. Our E motions are the energy in motion Driving the forward progression.

What is your capacity to Keep your Head, when others are Loosing theirs? 

Ascension is a shift of consciousness, Ancient Nations Rise Up!

Are we still focused on the azaleas…? And ignoring the weeds???


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