Teetering at the Tipping Point

Storyteller is the Clan Mother of this lunation encompassing the changing of the Guardians from Spring to Summer, the Strawberry Full Moon in Sagitarrius as the Sun enters the sign and season of Cancer, Mothering…nuturing and tending our Gardens!

Beloved Kindred…where is the tipping point for you. That Sacred resolution of making a different decision…choosing another path?

Somehow the ancestors coming into this year, anticipating the Global awakening…placed a mission on our heart to enter into how we honor and maintain agreements moving forward. The tipping point began a wicked tap dance on the floor of our Soul…screaming from Earth, Wind and Fire’s Fan the Flame….!

This sixth cycle of Truth is guarded by Storyteller, who through the rising Tsunami of Candor/ Truth is teaching us HOW to speak from our hearts, choosing our finest words or silence and greater listening of the heart. This is a gift of grace and abundance that guide us through the illusionary forests of confusion…largely of our own creation?

Through such sharp opposition and contrast we can see the Full swing of the pendulum swing …the polarity of continuing divides,..

seeds planted from  seasons past. Storyteller teaches us how to dispel our fears with humor and how to balance the Sacred with irreverance. Still learning that whatever we resist…persists. Sroryteller uses the gifts of wisdom presented by the Ancient Ones, now in spirit, to present Truths that have helped our ancestors come through some perilous times. What part of our pasts transforms us and like the shedding of our skins…how do we transmute  the pain, trauma and remaining triggers into the healing necessary for the strength of our emerging leadership coming in the next seven generations.

We are called to draw on the Medicine of Heyokah to remind us that ” Our best friend is our worst enemy and we are our best friend”. We are finally arriving and evolving to a place in time where NONE of the Bullshit holds up. Not Ours or anybosy else’s. From the Grand Cross of celestial beings in our Uni verse…Pinnocio can no longer hold the weight of the Lies.

We are Now in various states of awakening…the mundane, ordinary and ridiculous lies constantly in our face as reality perpetrated from the machine world

“Mass corporate media is built and maintained to lead and direct the masses”!

Empower your third eye and intuitive skills to move like Superman with x ray vision…don’t miss the obvious transparency. Those that live in the cool ignorance of their own Soul’s neglect simply have blinders on.

Acceptance of the Truth asks us to consider Reality void of distraction. Stay sacredly loyal to your MUSES and time with Nature….The dance of possibility in the Imagi NATION.

Consider the facts major to your wellness and sense of security…things you would rather not wait until the last possible moment in time where forethought and preparation could have served you well?

We are called to witness without adding our unwanted advice, criticism, judgement or projections of self righteousness. The Art of Speaking the Truth has become popular among conscious evolutionaries. Each day, more Lights take Candor and Truth out for a test drive…hoping not to be shun or rejected by those that feel differently or have not yet expanded personal viewpoints to inmclude and embrace the wholeness and diversity our our collective destiny? Navigate our way out of the induced fear to find and establish Safe , loving zones of authenticity.

As we GET Real, Humble and in the discomforts of vulnerabiluty with ourselves and each other…we are harnessing/ developing the ability to create new paths for learning, teaching and sharing. What is your lane, and what agreements  did you make with the forces of Divine destiny before entering your MOther’s womb or the Earth? What’s your current plan for completing the mission….?

Incoming news on two fronts…

1. there are others, we are NOT alone!

2…Everybody’s not going to make it…Some are self destructing right before our Eyes!?

3…lipservice to social justice, rules of engagement….good intentions, have died on the wheel in the hamster cage…The Door IS Still Open…

We ARE the Ones we have been waiting for …as we become masters over little we become rulers over much. Remember that the BELL IS RINGing Loudest in our own backyards…the ears don’t pass the head…from the proverbs of Africans…

and like Igbin, the snail…Be Slow but sure!

Moving your personal power and connection at the NEXT level requires:

Balance, everything in moderation…avoid extreme polarities.

Ritual Selfcare for purposes of alignment and recharge.

Follow all Truth as it is revealed, without judgement and a glad heart that you have been put wise by your Holy Mothers and Fathers in the Heavens!

and our ancestors rejoice! Kindred Love,


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Keep it Real, Keep it Sacred…