In Service of Truth

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SHE WHO HEALS is the Clan Mother of the Eighth Moon cycle in August and is the  Guardian oF serving the Truth.

This Clan Mother Serves the Children of the Earth by Being the Keeper of Healing Arts, Mother of all Rites of Passage, Guardian of the mysteries of Life and Death…Singer of the Death Song.

She is the Midwife, herbalist, Medicine Woman, spirit healer and teacher of the cycles of the Earth walk. Her color is blue, representing intuition, truth, water  and feelings. She is the Servant of Humankind…

She teaches us..

How to serve others with a Happy heart,using our healing abilities to serve

How to Overstand and Honor the life cycles of birth, death and rebirth

How to believe in the miracles of life through our connections to our Spiritual essences

Fullintegration with the Plant Kingdom and all our relations…

When an individual Earth Walk is complete, She Who Heals sings the Death song for those dropping their physical robes, earthly burdens and unfullfilled dreams…Compelled by a spiritual force that we  should not  resist,we free up the Space…where the dark shadows were hanging out…throw open the windows of Summer and let the Heat burn it out. Truly this has been the passage from whence last we wrote.

The wild adventures of Dr. Eric and Aunties Sangoma…the true blood and hugs from the heart among the Earth tribe…from ancient Native prophesy to the dreams of daughter of the Wabanaki peoples and the plight of families separated this generation….so that the Healing of Turtle Island would begin again at the Eastern gate.

Sisters from Seattle sang to and for the whales…the Mandela Alliance from South Africa…The Mauri Tribe from New Zealand…An Arbor made of cedar with four gates and the Sacred Fire in the middle..!Extra Ordinary! Well the Yoruba say there is no good without bad, Mark’s blue jeeptook its last breathe on the ramp of the ATL Airport…?

Our Mission should we decide to accept it…was to manifest another car in which to take our grands on the rest of their summerfun and Beach day…The ancestors watching over and providing for the Kulubali descendents down here saw to it…and so it was that we

were present in the Valley of the Dragons, Cosby , Tenn…with new friends, Bonfires…Drumming…and galactic portals that lead to other galactic dimensions…Aidigun and Tacorey had whole days and nights of mountain  woodland adventures…For all the urban death they endure ,…we were pleased and satisfied as they jumped the waves in the Edisto Beach ocean…that Grammy’s offering to the power of ancestors is being fulfilled. “Live each day as if its your last” Grandma Mi Mi would always say…We spent time around a couple of puzzle tables in North Hampton, Mass with some of our AOM Elder Mothers…a beautiful gateway of transition between Maine and Georgia…

The gardens are happy we are home…!!! She who Heals is fully immersed in a Medicine Woman’s work…supported by amazing Starseeds…In Earth and Heaven…conspiraring in every moment for our greatest good and destiny…

Taking care as the Book of Revelations continues to turn the pages to from and Dark…and ecliptical!!!Wow. fasten your seatbelts, prepare to lift and Launch!