Rebirthing into Spring

Let’s us first say a word about the first two months of 2015….

Florida Earthskills, genuinely powerful have easily doubled the numbers of those attending since last year! Followed by Mark Morey, Vermont Wilderness School and Art of Mentoring Leadership Intensive….will be chewing on those nuggets for years to come.

More recently, Ancestral Medicine with Daniel Foor in Athens, Ga. introduced us to the Earthpath community…awesomely looking forward to a merger between Year of the Coyote, Wild Intelligence programs, the Earthsong Community!!!

Coming up in March….

Odun Olokun, Oyotunji African Village, Sheldon, SC. March 6-8th, 2015

Piedmont Earthskills Gathering, Shatori Hills, Piedmont, NC March 25-29th, 2015, our teachings include: Medicine Wheels, Shields and Bundles; The Art of Making Shields, Tribal Regalia and the 8 Shields Navigation for Life.

April 17-19, 2015 Ancestral Medicine with Daniel Foor, Asheville, NC

April 20th (monday evening) 6 p.m. Earthpath, Athens, Ga. “An Evening with Sangoma”:introduction to the Tending the Gardens of your Life….weekend intensive. This nature connection, interactive evening celebrates EARTH day by providing an overview and  Q&A on the weekend intensive planned for the Simmer Solstice.

Earth Day, April 22-26th….please join Sangoma in celebrating the 30th Rivercane rendevous…in honor of the new Storytelling Hut and the stories of this events ancestors, lineage and history….bring yourself and your stories of Gratitude/Giving Back! More tools of Sacred/Community Activism, Ancestral and Cultural Redesign, Sweat Lodge …Moon Lodge, Tribal initiations and rites of passage!

May 1-3, 2015 May Moon Magick, hosted by Cerrin Ered in Crosby, Tenn. In the magical lands of Avalon…the Beltane is celebrated in ceremony and ritual, labrynths…a broad diversity of workshops are offered here…among ours….Altars, Shrines and Sacred Spaces: From Activation to Manifestation.

May 14-17,2015 Kinnection Campout, Deerfield, NC. This is our first year at this Gathering. We met the leadership in Fla…more worship of the MUSIC, with an Earthskills village….more around the Ancestral Fire, cultural repair…tools and spiritual technology supporting Sacred and Community Activism.