…and then came Moremi

Oral History of the Oyo-Yoruba recounts….

Oduduwa to be the Progenitor of the Yoruba and the reigning ancestor of our Crowned Kings.

“His coming from the east, sometimes understood by some sources as the “vicinity” true East on the cardinal points, but more likely signifying the region of Ekiti and Okun sub communities in Northeastern. Yorubaland, central Nigeria. Ekiti is  is near the confluence of the Niger and Benue rivers, and is where the Yoruba language is presumed to have seperated from related ethno-linguistic groups like Igala, Igbo and Edo.

After the death of Oduduwa, there was a dispersal of his children from Ife to found other Kingdoms. Each child made his or her own mark in the subsequent urbanization and

consolidation of the Yoruba confederacy of Kingdoms, with each Kingdom tracing its origin due to them to Ile Ife. After the dispearsal, the aborigines became difficult and constituted a serious threat to the survival of Ife. Thought to be survivors  of the old occupants of the land before the arrival of Oduduwa, these people now turned themselves into marauders. They would come to town in costume made from raffia with terrible and fearsome appearances and burn down houses and loot the markets.

Then came Moremi on the scene, she was said to have played a significant role in the quelling of the marauders advancements. But this was at a great price, having to give up her only son Oluorogbo. The reward for her patriotism and selflessness was not to be reaped in one life time as she later passed on and was thereafter immortalized. The Edi festival celebrates this feast among her Yoruba descendents.