About The Kindred of Sangoma


welcome to the ever expanding web of weavers, wayshowers, social entrepreneurs, wilderness educators, cultural and sacred activists. In this Season of the Raven, the latest offering from Spiritspeaks Publications, we speak of the season of ceremonial magic. Raven is known to many as the shapeshifter of consciousness required to move the family of humanity from one reality to the next.

In nearing six decades of our journey on the Earth school, we have been Blessed and Highly Favored to have come into Kinship with many amazing tribes, artists, visionaries, millionaires, indigenous elders , prophets, students and teachers. We are now at a crossroad of many truths. Our conscious evolution to gather and master the tools that we MUST pass down to our children the emerging leadership are imperative and crucial. As Janet moved a rhythm Nation with the truth that “we are at the point between education ….and castrophe!”

Therein we recognize that …much like the whispers on the wind and the continuity of the ocean’s waves, our conscious evolution is best supported by what we DO to maintain it. Your entrance into this Sacred work and Kindred is needed and appreciated and valued! You are being invited in to join a frontline of social entrepreneurs, midwives, sacred and community activists that ARE weaving a web of wholeness, empowerment and forward progression. We believe you have powerful gifts to offer the whole.

2015 Brings in the Launch of the Sista Queen Starship, Evenings with Sangoma, Fafa’s Earth Mothers Lodges of Purification, empowerment retreats, workshop intensives for traditional priests, wisdomkeepers, youth mentors and leadership coaches. These events are designed to bring you in the awareness of vital tools of spiritual technology, the Good Food Movement, Earthskills gatherings, news, information from “the boots on the ground” grassroots Kindred, financial empowerment and so much more.

Culture is connection…… a wise King once said and the Kindred is not a club, there are no memberships dues, fees or rules. This is an invaluable CONNECTION and reconnection for some to the people, places and tools that WILL like Raven medicine….shapeshift your reality, ignite the fires of your ceremonial reality and move it to the next level.


Giving Thanks, Keeping it Real, Stay Humble…


2 thoughts on “About The Kindred of Sangoma

  1. Kris May 20, 2016 / 6:02 pm

    Saw flyer for sept gathering at shop barnardsville nc. Do you have local contacts in that area?,I live not far fromntjere and would like to meet up with fellow wayshowerw and am a drummer.

    • kindredofsangoma July 21, 2016 / 5:24 pm

      Alafia Kris…sad to say we are just realizing that these comments and questions are here…YES…we need drummers and YES…www.kindredofsangoma.org will tell you everything you need to know about how to get registered or be a part of worktrade…etc…. will be up in the Barnardsville area by the end of next week…there are many of our Kindred in that community as we have been an instructor at Firefly for several years now….my number is 706 496 9959…texting to me, puts your number in my phone supporting our ability to connect…Thanks and sorry it took this long for my response!!!!

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