Choose Now…the perishable or non perishable aisle…

“Immanent value is literally embodied. We know it in our physical beings.

To be Free, we must be able to sustain our lives, our culture; the society we must create must meet our needs, and we must see it extending into the future. What we value, we tend and preserve.” Truth or Dare: Encounters with Power, Authority and Mystery, Starhawk 1987

Choose Now…before its too late? To be pushed to  the edge, is to know in an instant whether you are ready to fall… or fly. The Deciding moment of time, out of time? As we wane to the darkness of the moon cycle and into the final HEAT of the “election”, selection…determination…that may or may not in fact continue to “deter” a Nation.

Where is your Tribe? near or Far? What do you Value? Will you tend your fires as you tend your Life? Endlessly, in a scramble for kindling or lighter wood? Time to inventory the resources, seek and find your Allies…

In order to have good Allies…we must first Learn to be one! Never leave our burdens at the door of another…and be careful only to receive with Grace burdens at your own door. To find Peace , we must begin in the mirror and SHINE out!…

Keep it Real, Stay Humble….adorn thy vessel with herbs and healing cloth and garments. Keep oils of Jasmine, opium, amber, frankensense, rose….lavendar, rosemary for time in need of prayer. Move from what you believe to what you know aout putting on the whole armour of God/dess…yournumber one star Player or Superpower…we are in the Truth or Dare Time of our Lifetimes!

Bless our comings and our goings, our feet, roads, hands head…earthly in alignment to our heavenly head…Open Awaken the third eye, with the blessings of Ra daily…

Send your Angels and ancestors out before you…Loudly,,,that your success may be assured in all the Realms! Be observant of the weeds growing in the garden of your Soul. Guard and protect the Sacredness of Being. Stay awoke and aware…

Dare to be Bold in creativity…in addressing the needs of the new villages. What is the most valuable of medicines from our time to pass forward???? to the Future???

Waste not, want not? Where are your gardens growing? And who are you growing your gardens with? “Be ye not deceived of wolves in sheeps clothing”. Reach back into the Ancient oracles that gave birth to our origins…

Be accountable and hold others accountable. My Grandma was Quick to tell you…”If you don’t have nothing good to say, don’t say nothing at all.” So in the days ahead actions speak louder than words…

To our end…we are slowly moving toward Open registration for the 2017 Study Intensive Training and Rites of Passage. In the wisdom of the Clan Mothers and In Search of Agbasankso:Elders with Integrity. Currently visioned as a little more than a year and a day or moon initation into the power of the Sacred as shared through the teachings of many mothers and grandmothers from all times, cultures and trevails! The secrets of their medicine pouches and the disciple to bring to balance internal and external harmony.

Many are the olders and not quite done with their 40s soldiers, that are still healing from Life’s beating up to this point…the entranceway toward the seat of the Elder… is the part of the search on the journey of Truth where self sabotage is no longer an option….we become accountable to our higher authority in the many forms of ourselves…past, present and future!

We surrender the lies we have been told,continue to tell ourselves and others about anything but the Truth. It doesn’t count because there are fragments of Truth spashed in it. There’s just no time for [laying with the toys in the gutter. Time to part ways with self sabotaging behavior. Recognize it, give your self and close relations permission to call you on it whenever that slip goes to hanging on our character, intention, integrity or self respect.

Respect is defined by the way we walk it….! Coming back from the stillness beyond the wheelchair…we are graced with movement triumphantly by the ground force of energy …

all thosed that have walked Dauntlessly and unapolegetically the Divine as fully expressed in our Being before, for centuries and even unto the beginning of time and space…


“Breathe deep

Feel the Pain

where it lives deep in us

for we live, still,

in the raw wounds and pain is

salt in us,


Flush it out, Let the pain become a sound

a living river on the breath

Raise your voice. Cry Out.

Scream. Wail. Keen and MOurn

for the dismembering of the world.


Again*Starhawk, Truth or Dare* tricks are for Kids.



Weaves the Web, working with the Truth

Upon the entrance of the tenth moon cycle of October, we rose to meet the Guardian of the Creactive force in all things. By creating beauty and truth in tangible forms…we show our willingness to be of service to All Our Relations. This Clan Mother is the Keeper of the Lifeforce within us to create and maintain good health, to manifest our Dreams…accessing our Greatest spiritual potential.

In the power of wise motherhood, she shows us When to destroy limitations and create anew…NOW is such a time! As the Keeper of the Survival instinct…we turn to her when we are afraid of failure or are lacking self expression. As we embrace deeper relationship with the Clan Chiefs of Air, Water, Fire and Earth, our creative spark is activated!

In this cycle we are putting to the test our WEAVER skills. We must give great care to the Web of our experiences that we weave.

Woven with greed, too tightly…we set a trap of self sabotage. A web woven too loosely, without much care or attention…lacks strength, durability or sustainability. The webs that are being built from Fear…will atract the Lessons needed to overcome that fear.

The web woven with Love, creativity and the desire  to share abundance…will endure until the Dream is Fulfilled. Are we ready to Live the Dream…Jonathan Santos sings to keep us connected to the Truth we are working with.

4 Tribes 4 Peace was a gathering of great beauty. In its infancy and birth, our hearts have woven many amazing revelations to keep and as many “skills” that we will strive to do differently on the next go round. The blessings of Peace and Love given so generously by All are deeply re-membered in the belly of our gratitude. The collaborations, connections and elevations of thoughts and actions…ASSURE us that destiny in fact has been served.

In this time of Great insecurity in the world, we must we a winter of security. What does that mean for you??? Do you need Love, help and support to sustain you? Is your Vision clear. Whether President Clinton or President Trump…where are your gardens growing and as your harvest returns to seed for the winter, what do you most look forward to in Spring? What skills and tools are needed to complete the task at hand?

We rest in the power of the poem offered by Jamie Sams, 13 Original Clan Mothers

Gossamer threads of life hold me,

Perched between earth and Sky.

Weaving the web, Dreaming the Dream,

Through two worlds I will fly.

With you as my muse, Mother,

I create the substance of Dreams

Allowing the artist within me

To fashion my life with esteem

I mold the clay of experience

Into a sacred Medicine Bowl,

Capturing the essence of living

As it sings deep in my soul.

Your secrets of creation, Mother

Have taught me when to destroy

The chains that have bound me,

Limiting the expression of my Joy.

You have taught me how to labor,

Giving Birth to the visions within,

Setting them free like silver arrows,

Kindling the fire of Creation again.