Living Life as a Prayer

As Time accelerates,reaching the critical mass of many choices and options we are grateful for our Destiny, Kindred, Faith and Resolve…

‘To whom much is given, much is required.” 

Where peace and security are concerned, we hear ourselves saying this almost everyday in some conversation or another. We are constantly asked how and Why we are keeping such a rigorous schedule this year, and the most likely answer remains in that quote. In recent days since our return from the Vermont Art of Mentoring, we have awakened to the knowledge of a major frequency shift that we have entered into, how it is affecting all seven of our bodies and what actions support our continued forward progression! This shift is known to some as Wave X.

The 11 hour debriefing that brought us (Liv, Matt and I) from Farm and Wilderness, Vermont back to the Earthfare parking lot in Asheville, NC so bravely embraces the  Divine order of how we connect the dots….Here in Waynesville, NC where many of the Elders will gather in Councils, ancestral teachings and hands on medicine sharing… Life in the dominant culture asks each of us to more actively co create the “Beautiful World we Know Is Possible” (my new read for the winter by Charles Eisenstein). In as much as the “Wave X” frequency shift offers that our connections in technology maybe interrupted for 2 to 3 days at the time in the coming weeks…we are offering our intention of travel, movement and service to communities throughout the country.

In the next 24 to 36 hours, we will journey to Aiken, SC…to secure the household of my first born and the six grandchildren for which she is the primary source of survival…that concern being addressed..switching out vehicles more appropriate to winter travel

We depart for Bloomington, Indiana very early Monday a.m. (contact person for spritual consultations, Gypsy Phoenixfire 812 322 3177.

By Thursday,9/24, we will be departing Indiana for Berea, KY to reconnect with community planners for the 2016 Whipporwill event…(no cell phone service)

Season Of the Raven Full Moon celebration, 8 p.m. Sunday, Sept. 27, 2015…invitations for this  conference call will be sent via FB and email through my google calendar. This Supermoon in Aries shares a total Lunar eclipse with our universe. We look forward to the connection of our sisterhood and the gifts from the oracles that we share in anchoring ourselves.

Friday, October 2….we have the great honor to share an offering from our medicine bag of teachings…”Roots to Fruits” at the Southeastern Women’s Herbal Conference. We are really excited to reconnect with many of our teachers, mentors, Goddesses and sisters.

Sat., October 3rd…African Theological Archministry’s Annual Meeting during Odun Oba 2015. This grand celebration of the tenth year as the Crown of All Yoruba in NorthAmerica will host an international collection of alliances, leadership and supporters….Your invited!

Season of the Raven Dark Moon celebration, 8 pm invitations via FB/emails…New Moon in Libra

October 14-18th, Falling Leaves Rendevous…30th anniversary celebration, Avalon, SC.  All of our Facebook pages should have promotional materials that lead you to registration…This event is the grandaddy of many of the youngers…such as Fla. Earthskills, Piedmont, Firefly…etc