Peace…at what cost?

Gives Praise is the Clan Mother of the 12th lunation of December. An attitude of Gratitude is our gateway from the end of this year into the beginning of the next?

The mother of the season of Thanksgiving andis the keeper of abundance. This Mother is the Guardian of ceremony and ritual…the keeper of Magic. She is the mother of encouragement, guardian of celebration. As the wisdom keeper of the art of grieving and receiving she teaches us how to return thanks for the abundance we need before it arrives, making space to recieve it.Among her many gifts she teaches us how to create and sustain ceremonial Magic.

We are immersed our passage here “Living Life as a Prayer”. 

Gratitude for having scribed an offering of that title in one of the many in the House of Spiritspeaks publications. As the evolutions would navigate us, we will be saying more about various companion study guides available through Mamaloja’s Market…

It is indeed our pleasure and honor to Intoduce to the Kindred…Kimetra Toles Wells. At the intersection of destiny we are humbled by her offering of service and ancestral support for anchoring the East of the Kindred of Sangoma Shield. In service to the Beloved Kindred, Kimetra enbraces of the roads of Elegba, divine messengers and messages regarding gatherings, events, teaching series…How NEWS gets out to you and the primary contact for inquiries, reservations and

The Path of the Peacemaker is the foundation of our Sacred activism for rebuilding, redesigning and co creating conscious community.These are the conversations being had. We are among many moving in a ball of confusion…some at the edge of  all out Panic and chaos. A model for building strong ropes of relationship is based on the medicine wheel or directional  shield of many indigenous peoples. Strong villages are wisely built on the balance of polarities of expansion,focus, expression and celebration…inclusive of the widest diversity of talents.

So where are we headed? and who still has the same boarding passes to our flight???

Moving from Northwest to North on the wheel of where we are now in the midst of the Season of Giving, it is still vital to the mission to consider the North Node of your birth chart and where your EAGLE eyes have the best view of the BIG picture.

As January of another year quickly approaches…moving the Evolutions of Honoring endings and beginnings, there is much to be considered there. What has truly served you and time on the journey thus far…? Complete or does it have further to go…? This of course lives in every corner of our personal wheels of destiny. Some things have lived to the fullness and must now be released, recycled back into the Earth Mother for the Good of another.

In the Northeast…we consider the midheaven from which one cycle is completed and another is born. We Give thanks and Praise for the tremendous awakening within and without. All across the globe sacred activists ARE gathering oil for their lanterns!

Question IS…? Is the movement wise enough to go deep into the underground to stabilize harmony from the inside out? Winter is coming in ways that many among us have no imagination and little tolerance for. What is our Truth…? Gratitude and Praise is the way into that Truth. This passage willfully disconnects from the machine world in order to know and recognize the Truth!

What does it mean to travel to the middle Earth or 5th dimension of our own realitlities?

How does the application of ancient wisdom support navigating Matrix 2017 and a Trump reality? As we open registration for Two , year and a day training intensives and Ceremonies of initiation and ordination, we are assured that those called or compelled to follow the spiritual force that one should not resist…will mot delay the best ways to engage the elevations necessary to personal growth and security moving forward.

Journey into Clan Mother Teachings is presented in monthly weekend retreats in a variety of different geographical locations. As we enter 2017…we are in the fullness  of the Moon the weekend 12-15th…Talks with Relations calls us to sit in council weaving the web of our collective from Friday evening til the Sunday meeting with Changing Woman. The weekend includes  introduction to marketing skillsets, self sufficient homesteading, Grannywit discussion of medicines from our kitchen cabinets in the Dancing Green Woman tea ceremony.

Clearly and in Great Candor…each of us are in a daring passage, not game of Truth or consequences. The girl scout motto is “Be Prepared”. and we are here for those that have that spirit of Kujichagulia…self determination. We call to those that go deep than the lighting of candles and an African outfit for Kwanzaa ceremonies. What we reselve to do, be or say…is no longer trending with New Year Eve’s drunken and impotent resolutions.

The 11th hour is gone…Game on! You want Peace…you gotta count the cost.