Looking to the good within…

Time to lift your eyes off the ground and start looking up towards the heavens. Keeping You down and trying to be small isn’t doing anyone any real favours. This world needs you—the real you. Low self-esteem and self-worth is impeding your perception of whom and what you really are. It is also affecting your ability to put yourself out into the world. There is a whole other life, waiting inside you, crying to be lived. The only thing standing in your way is you. The Universe sees you and knows you as a Divine spark of the All. They are calling you now to begin embracing that aspect of yourself too. Stand up, hold your head up and begin looking at the ways in which you are dis-empowering yourself. It’s time to start building your own personal sense of value and your own sense of worth. Spirit knows this is not an easy task, which is why they have brought you this message today. Every time you feel you are not enough, look up to the heavens and know the entire Cosmos is supporting you on this. When you see the sky above you, let that be your reminder that you are more than enough. You are God incarnated. And the only one who can give you value and a sense of worth is you. There is nothing your guides and angels want more than to see you step in to the truth of who you really are. Start looking to the good within you, the value you actually do have, and the difference you really do make. Start to see yourself as the Universe sees you.
This was the most recent divination pulled from the oracle…Return of Spirit by Cheryl Lee Harnish…comes with our highest recommendation. This gift was offered to the Season of the Raven …that gathers in a collective sacred space on the new and full moon of each lunarion..
In this season, the support and inspiration is truly medicine for the soul as dear ones in tribes and Kindred all around suddenly depart the  Earthschool…leaving us behind to honor and cherish the memories but also begin to navigate certain voids not as easily filled!
Beyond interesting…into fascinating…are the endless extremes to which the useless “chatter”  of supposedly meaningful conversations…back down everytime from productive action steps…is
the courage to DO what needs to be done that elusive????
What exactly are the Legacies we are building to leave to our children and their children???