The Power of Kindred

The wisdom of the Ancients

Floats upon the Seas,

Nestles in the forests,

And stands among the trees,

This ancient form of Knowing,

Grows amidst the sands, Waiting for the Human race

To learn from the land,

There among the whispers,

Of creatures, stones and wind,

The wisdom of the Ancestors

Is waiting to befriend

Any human seeker who

wants to find the way, 

Honoring the ancient wisdom

Through actions taken today

Application is everything. When wisdom is spoken from the intellect

…but not integrated into Behavior it carries no clout.

It is time for us to live the wisdom, instead of intellectually

espousing what we believe is correct behavior for the enLIGHTENED?



Day by day, the ropes of all our Relations grow stronger, carrying us deeper and further into our collective Truth. Ever grateful for our crossing with all the Divinities of fire in the company of Iya Sangobunmi, thru the entranceway into 2018, propelled us through the lunar eclipse of this new year, recognizing the opportunities to double our offerings in the name of our soul’s nutrition. This expression has been germinating since the winter solstice of 2017 forming, and reforming the Truth that guides our way.

Grandmother moon hides her face all month Long, not as if she’s just looking the other way from our needs, wishes and prayers, but rather diving deep into that going within place…allowing for the completion of the circle from the solar eclipse of August 2017 to the one we embrace tomorrow. Inner wisdom raises the frequency and vibration of rebirth. Game on, this IS a master 11 yeaar. Yes BIG parts have died…and are dying away to make room for our Becoming.

As we remove any and all resistance to our Solar return on the 26th of this month, we Bless and appreciate ALL that has cycled through the 62 years we  are completing. The good, the bad, the Hard and the down right ugly. We acknowledge that every experience, without exception…leads to the present.

My Head, Ori ja fun mi!

is ready to receive

new ways of thinking and believing

My thoughts manifest my deeds.

Their power is great.

My mind will help me rule my fate.

My Heart…fills with compassion

and is filled with feelings true

that in each moment…renew

Emotion’s waves,

they ebb and flow..

And I avoid their undertow.

My Home is here…at the root of my ancient core

I feel secure.

This space is now a Temple pure

where I can safely speak my mind

and leave my hurt and fear behind.

It’s time to let my head and heart

align to bring me Cupid’s dart

or any other goal I Seek…

It’s time to truly hear

the Goddess within speak.

Heartfelt gratitude and prayers,

medicine from the cave of winter’s bear

to ALL my next of kin, far and near!