From the Completion of 9 into the Oneness

->You ARE… the moment you decide to be” Becomes Her Vision, 13th Clan Mother, 

13 Original Clan Mothers by Jamie Sams

In the ninth lunation of 2017, the month of September, Setting Sun Woman taught us How to show concern, dependability and compassion through the ways we live…As the Tower of the old institutions and structures continue to fall and crumble. the awakening and opening of hearts Rise to meet the challenge.

A Total Solar Eclipse, four Hurricanes, a massive Earthquake and one “law abiding citizen” later we find ourselves now in the tenth lunation of Weaves the Web, the Clan mother of October. She is the Mother of Creativity, Muses, artists…the manifestor of Dreams, keeper of the Survival Instinct.

This weekend the Freeman Ancestral Survival Network will host its Survival Skills Training Camp…and for the token people of color that have weaved in and out of predominantly European culturized Earthskills events…that’s a big deal! Where you say…Are the Black people in the woods, camping out? Charlottesville, Virginia of course. This was brought into our awareness only a week ago…so we just aren’t going because of the red hats and men with torches. Actually, some of the leadership of this camp and we, go way back through abule Oyotunji and we are grateful to brother Santos for the invite and also taking martial arts instruction to the gathering.

October 18-22 the annual Earthskills Falling Leaves Event will gather in Avalon, SC. Please join us for not only survival skills, primitive skills, life skills in every aspect of deepening relationships with nature. Campfires, Storytelling, the infamous Mead and Greet, as well as our Fundraising Auction for Scholarships!  The littles are exposed to a variety of games and activities in Nature, the teens have their own camp and last year made ice cream the old fashion way. Truly there is something for everyone!

As happens all too often in this destiny, this same weekend Samhain Nights 2017: with the Ancestors is that very same weekend in the Valley of the Dragons, Cosby, Tenn. Since we have been in Kindred with both of these communities for more than two decades…we depend upon the magic afoot to somehow attend both. From the Dark Moon of the 19th…Grandmother spider dances out of the shadows with Weaves the Web toward the Odun Oya…in abule Oyotunji, Oct.27-29th.

As the Moon waxes Full and the veils between the worlds grow thin for All Hallows Eve, Hwedo , Dia de Muertes and the weekend of All Souls…we look forward to the weekly sacred space of the Season of the Raven! In these last nine weeks of the year 2017 we will indeed go deep into the exchange of spiritual/ritual tools for navigating our winter’s Evolution.

Weaves the Web teaches us how to work with the Truth, how to tap into our life Force using energy to build, change or manifest our needs. Now more than ever our medicine bags must be filled with the confidence of manifesting our visions and giving them Life through our words and actions. Talk without action is cheap…faith without works is dead.

Registration for  the Season of the Raven is now open! Those seeking to GET their questions answered in order to manifest the changes needed and desired…

have the choice of  attending all nine temple spaces…at least an hour each week…$90 when paid in full in advance of November first…

OR you can select specific sessions to focus in particular areas….$15 each session. the email address connected to our PayPal is

We remind you to gather energy and support from a wide selection of audio on the Teachings of Sangoma FB page….Last, but not least we are holding prayers and intentions for 4 Tribes 4 peace in 2018. We have been blessed since last year’/s event with many that heard about it too late or for whatever reason were unable to attend…if you have energy and time to invest in the manifestation of this gathering next year, we want to hear from you., kindredofsangoma FB page…or Kindredof


Keep it Real, Keep it Sacred…Stay Connected


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