An Auspicious Time

Finding, knowing and grounding in our place, purpose…

Destiny in the face of current reality requires vision, determination and forward progression. We are in rapid acceleration to changing our Minds to Change our World.

The power of choice has always been at play… Now More than ever.

Clarity of thought must not only be innovative but…vigorous on the prohibition of negativity, limitation, restrictions and Fear. As more and more injustices are hurled all around , we should not give way to the distraction of propaganda.

The choice to live in our Truth culturally, spiritually at the necessary levels of self suffici ency, must now rise up over our ambivalence.

We need plans A, B, C and more…we fail to plan, we plan to fail. There are infinite possibilities to freedom of choice. Third eyes OPEN, permission to color outside the line should now be given serious consideration.

Where are your gardens growing? Volunteer for digital and cyberspace reduction, withdrawal, separation. Return to your love affair with Nature! By all means necessary examine Who you are in a more simplified life???

Step into your best Candor about what is most important about your life…today, tomorrow, from the eyes of future generations??? How will our Grandchildren’s grandchildred look back upon the lives we are living…leading? existing in?

How do we carve out peaceful sanctuaries for ourselves and Beloved Kindred?

These are the conversations waiting to be had?

All voices matter! Many viewpoints are shared as the foundation of our cultural redesings and Sacred co creation. Healing the wounds of ancestral disconnection IS the mission ast hand. “Doing the same thing, expecting different results is…..?

We have and continue to learn from the mistakes, misgivings and poor judgments of the pass. We came to …and for this time.



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