Choose…Victim or Victor?

A Bird builds a nest where it feels safe…

As we wax toward the Fullness of a Cancer Moon this Thursday, January 12rh, each and every relation, friend, ally, kindred…BEing, is wise to navigate daily…the power of choice! We are indeed grateful for the ever increasing numbers “awakening” on different levels of consciousness and yet…clearly like Butterflies breaking free from the cocoon, many are paralyzed with frozen minds, emotions and…wings?

How do we really empower ourselves and others amidst great chaos, corruption and increased oppression?

You know while we hear the loud voices of activists nationwide urging the groundswell of resistance !!!! We also are reminded of the wisdom of many elders that tell us “what we resist…persists”. Goodness Knows that far too many of us have been traversing the hamster cage too long. We have grown cozy and comfortable in our political apathy..largely replaced by our addictions to social media, the machine world and the constant companions of artificial intelligence? Are the voices in your head or in your Blue tooth?

We left 2016 so hopeful that most, if not all of our personal unfinished business was addressed through many individual and collective visions toward “new beginnings”.

This year, we arrived in the Oneness…on a universal pause button. Suddenly, evidence of varying degrees of separation between words of unity and…actions that support those words, still suffer from unconscious cracks and gaps. We spent a tremendous amount of time and energy last year in numerous circles talking about disconnection at every turn. Nature disconnection?

Ancestral disconnection?

Emotional, Mental, Social, Spiritual disconnection?

Forward progression in movements, building bridges, creating alliances just doesn’t happen without VERY strong ropes of relations. Best as we can tell even the strongest relationships of many years and lifetimes have been heavily tested in the last six months and even into this new vibration. While many declared “freedom fighters” will approach you in the greetings of Peace, Hotep..A Salaam Alakem…the path of the Peacemaker remains narrow and full of detours, distractions and obstacles. We praise the courageous and Beloved 4 Tribes 4 Peace…! The Kindred tie that binds us moving forward has indeed set a marvelous tone…ready and available to be tested at any point in the future.

So What then, next or Now???

In all Candor, our sweet communion with more galactic and ancient emissaries Of Light, continue to speak to our heart and anchor our Soul in various truths of the Big picture. This view is always of great interest…as we continue to be employed by the destiny of our grandchildren and the next seven generations. Suddenly clear  as a bell, the spiral rotates inward…slower, more observant…! This is the place my Grandma Mi Mi and many grand Aunties referred to as the place of “Watch and Pray”. Ever so fortunately, this sacred space of retreat has great and magical powers. So what’s the rub? One usually gains access through the door of Humility. In order to Truly lift up the praise and Thanksgiving that properly manifest our prayers…

Full Presence is the Key….

in the Stillness of the secret dwelling place of the Most High …Divinity!

Our Higher Power by a thousand or more names and exaltations spoken!

In the quiet love, we water our plants, watch the stars and talk to the Moon…we  are taking full account of what’s happened in order to SEE more ..Clearly, what comes next? Restoring the well, recharging the superpowers in and through the forces of Nature.

Morpheus would encourage us to Turn the Wheels of personal evolution.

More Simply

spoken Show Up and Pay Attention…

because Who better to walk your Destiny than you?

Choose…cause you are finally ready to live your dream. You have the ear and ARE the Voice of the Ancestors…to Live your Dream!






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