Walking our personal Truth

“If I diminish you, I diminish myself”  Rev.Desmond M. Tutu

The Clan Mother of the eleventh Moon cycle is Walks Tall Woman who teaches us how to walk our talk. The Guardian of all forms of Inner Strength is connected to the color white  which assists us with our power of magnetism and proper use of our will and authority. Walks Tall Woman shows the children of the Earth how to lead through example instead of insisting that others follow the leader. As we focus on walking our personal truth, we pursue our goals and accomplishments with self esteem rather than self importance. Reputation is based upon integrity and inner knowing…NOT on the opinions of others.

November’s Clan mother is the Guardian of Leadership and the Keeper of New Pathways.

Now more than ever we must revisit the importance of innovation such that we do not  destroy the traditions of the past but rather add new Truths to those Traditions, giving the ancient ways of our Ancestors…new growth potential. Walks Tall Woman is also the

Mother of Perserverance and Stamina.  In this season of fear and uncertainty it is crucial to properly identify the bullseye of our destiny and walk toward it in balance and flexibility.

A mind riddled with half truths and negativity obstructs rather than allows others to find and follow their paths. With truth in our hearts like Creed…we make the greatest strides…one step, one punch…one round at the time.

Although Canada is still there…where in our souls can we really run or hide?? What is your personal Truth? Compelled to dance with a whip and sword in the winds of change with the Goddess Oya recently in abule Oyotunji…we grieve the death of many eras in our current reality. However, with every death there is always rebirth.! Question is… what is the health of our pregnancy…the seeds planted deep within for germination through this winter??? For most of this nine year we have asked many…”Where are your gardens growing?” Not just food for our physical bodies…but most importantly what are the sustainable seeds in our hearts, minds and souls that have the most growth potential for the forward progression through the unprecendented changes ahead?

As always we cling to the forces of Nature and the Sanctuary of our sacred sovereignty within and without. We are deeply grateful for the Love, support and continued vision of our Kindred and Tribal Alliances. We have been deeply empowered and encouraged by the recent gathering of 4 Tribes 4 Peace.  The connection of souls there called  to Lead in this time, strengthened our resolve to build the strong foundations of Unified Bridges supported by our diversity.

As we move into Winter in America and head toward toward the new beginnings coming in 2017…there are no casual or careless decisions, choices, roads. Choosing our finest words, knowing when to speak and when not to…are among the basic protocals and wisdom that  of structural support to iwa pele…good character. May Love lead the way and inner peace guide us into sustainable exchanges and collective resources…In order to have strong allies, we must first learn to BE one.

Walks Tall Woman inspires us to meet the challenges Head On being willing to drop all fear…Fear is the mind Killer that opposes our ability to Take Action. Talk is cheap…most definitely the chatter of the “what ifs” rippling through the shock waves of where a Trump Presidency will take us.? Crowns on…no tilt, Walk THE talk fully embodying the authenticity of our personal Truth.

Peace in our time!



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